Scarborough Renaissance Festival - SRF

Suit Your Fancie

Come check us out each April and May at the Scarborough Fair Festival, where renaissance fun is had by all!  Ye can be a Noble or a Gypsy, a Knight or a beggar, or anything ye mystical self desires!  

You can link to the Faire Site the flag below and check out the dates and events for the upcoming season.

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PLEASE READ -- We are a CUSTOM costume shop.  All costumes are subject to availability.  Availability depends on previous bookings, size of your actor for a particular costume, etc.  Costumes pictured may not be in-stock, or we simply may not have them any more due to them not being returned or damaged.  If you like a picture, please let us know and with our vast inventory, we can work with your vision to create the look you want for your show or event.

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