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Welcome to the Costumes By Dusty Blog!

For over 40 years, Costumes by Dusty has been a pillar of the Arlington community, hand-crafting the best costumes imaginable for our customers across the state of Texas. An immense amount of care goes into every stitch of every costume we create. When you wear one of our designer-made costumes, you are a princess, a superhero, a medieval knight. Whatever outfit you wear, you become. That’s Dusty’s difference.

We make sure our costumes are the very best they can be before you rent them. Now, we want to bring that same level of dedication to our online presence—so we decided to start a blog! We’re excited to bring you relevant and interesting articles about costume design, costume history, DIY tips, and much more.

Keep an eye on this blog, or follow our social media for updates and notifications about new posts. As always, thank you for choosing Costumes by Dusty to bring your look to life!

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PLEASE READ -- We are a CUSTOM costume shop.  All costumes are subject to availability.  Availability depends on previous bookings, size of your actor for a particular costume, etc.  Costumes pictured may not be in-stock, or we simply may not have them any more due to them not being returned or damaged.  If you like a picture, please let us know and with our vast inventory, we can work with your vision to create the look you want for your show or event.

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