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We carry a variety of:
Theatrical Makeup,
Facial Hair and Wigs.
and Ben Nye Makeup

lion makeup
ben nye makeup

Theatrical Makeup Kits: 

Creme Kits are a standard for class and production. Products are intensely pigmented, easy to blend and provide exceptional design options. Quality components in generous full sizes cover straight, beauty, old age and special effects makeups. Expect ample makeup for dozens of applications for instruction and theatrical productions.

The series contains a contemporary selection of creme foundations, rouges, highlights and shadows formulated in a richly pigmented, velvety texture. Creme makeups are gentle on skin, even for individuals with sensitive complexions. Many of Ben Nye's distinctive specialty products are included, such as Stage Blood, Liquid Latex, Nose & Scar Wax, Translucent Face Powder, Hair Color and more. Professional Quality brushes, sponges powder puff and pencils assure expert application. 

Six specific skin tone combinations are offered, including two new, improved brown kits  for performers of color.

Select from the following kits:

TK-1 Fair: Light-Medium         TK-2 Fair: Medium-Tan
TK-3 Olive: Light-Medium       TK-4 Olive: Medium-Deep
TK-6 Brown: Light-Medium     TK-7 Browm: Medium-Dark

Component selection based on skin tone: Five Creme Foundations, Creme Contour Wheel [Cheek Rouge, Lip Color and two Lining Creme Colors], Highlight, Shadow, two Creme Color, Powder Cheek Rouge, Eyebrow Pencil, Lip Pencil, Black Pencil, Nose & Scar Wax, Hair Color, Translucent Face Powder, Spirit Gum Adhesive, Spirit Gum Remover, Quick Cleanse, Stage Blood, Rouge Brush, Velour Powder Puff, Sponge Applicators, Stipple Sponge, No.3 Flat Brush, No.7 Flat Brush, Eyebrow/Lash Comb, Swab Applicators.

creepy makup

All your

Ben Nye Favorites

ben nye luxury powder banana
ben nye final seal matte makeup sealer
ben nye creme makeup kit
ben nye creme personal kit

MakeUp Kits

Creme Personal Kits offer professional quality, superior selection and affordable pricing. Kits perform brilliantly for stage, dance recitals, chour groups, and in front of the camera. Highly pigmented, smooth-textured Creme Foundation and Kit Palette with contour, highlight, rouge and lip color, apply easily and withstand the rigors of heat, intense lighting or high energy performances. Practical basics for any character.


Kits include a generous supply of the makeup components listed below, adequate for several rehearsals and performances. Replacement shades and tools are available from Ben Nye's full line.

Creme Foundation
Color Contour Palette
[includes  Rouge, Highlight, Shadow and Lip color]
Face Powder
Eye Pencil
Flat Brush
Powder Puff
Sponge Applicator
Stipple Sponge

Select from seven kits designed with carefully selected shades to match skin tone.
Personal Kits  assure each actor the benefit of strict hygiene at an affordable price.

PK-0 White: Fairest
PK-I White: Fair/Medium
PK-2 White: Tan
PK-3 Olive: Fair/Medium
PK-4 Olive: Deep
PK-5 Black: Medium
PK-6 Black: Dark

ben nye cool lion kit vampire ki 3d effects kit old age kit makeup

The ultimate in masquerade for Halloween, Mardi Gras or costumed affairs.  Top quality components and detailed step-by-step directions in each Kit allow you to produce delightful, colorful and sometimes frightful effects.  Ben Nye Creme makeups are easy to blend and quick to remove.  Deluxe Kits offer an ample selection of makeup for the masquerader who desires professional results.

Choose from:
DK-1 Deluxe Clown Kit
DK-2 Deluxe 3-D Special Effects
HK-1 Vampire
HK-2 Clown
HK-21 Auguste Clown
HK-3 Witch
HK-4 Skeleton
HK-5 Cat/Lion
HK-6 Old Age
HK-7 Ghoul 

If you don't see something you're looking for, just ask, if we don't have a Ben Nye product, we can certainly order it for you!  Plan ahead so we have shipping time to make you look amazing for your event.

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