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OAP discount, one flat rate all the way to state!

COSTUMES BY DUSTY is thrilled to have a long history of costuming and working with directors to bring their vision to life.  Please use the forms on this page to book your show and to be put on our Production Calendar.  


FOR SCHOOLS:  Once we have your completely filled out contract, measuring forms, and an electronic or hard copy of the Purchase Order (PO), we can BEGIN your show.  PLEASE review all your forms carefully.

FOR THEATRES/EVENTS: Payment is due when costumes are picked up, and deposits are sometimes required.  Costumes that are damaged, lost or not returned in a timely manner, are the financial responsibility of the renter.

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How to measure

click here for a link to our Instagram measurement video


of measuring forms that we receive have incorrect waist measurements.  PLEASE review your forms and the instructions carefully.  Click the measuring tape below for measuring tips.

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When filling out measuring forms...follow these steps on BOTH COPIES OF THE FORM ON EACH PAGE.

1.  Print out one Male and Female Form

2.  Write your production and organization at the top

3.  Fill in your contact info on the bottom left.  

4. Now make copies of the form for your production.

5.  Fill forms out COMPLETELY. Please write neatly and make sure writing is dark.   The more information you give us, the better the costumes will fit.  Height and weight are very important to include.

6.  Make sure you follow OUR guidelines for measuring actors.  IT IS SO IMPORTANT to measure them correctly.  

7.  Scan your pages and email them to us.  

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